“Just how much does the government know”
by Jon G. Peddie

Deep states. Clandestine operations. And a secret, massive government database designed to track all citizens in the name of national security.

Former Detective Scott Mitchell, now a private investigator hunting down deadbeat dads for Family Services, is thrust into this dark world when he tracks down computer genius Bill Snyder over delinquent child support payments and is inexorably drawn into his world.

Scott draws on his military training, assembling a ragtag team including his young cousin, a programming savant, to outsmart and overcome the corrupt corporation behind the database – an enterprise supported by a cabal of power-hungry politicians, the FBI, the CIA and local police.

The race is on to thwart and expose the subterfuge that threatens us all.  There’s nothing less than control of the nation at stake.

10,000+ architects can't be wrong

I just loved the clarity and feel of the book. It resonated with my past as an interior designer working in the city alone

Clara Francis

The genius way in which John sees everything differently. It's like he has the insight into the mind of the city dweller

Edgar Korn

As a designer, I am constantly on the lookout for something new. In this book I have found a new way to view NYC

Henry Cough

Reader reviews

Excellent. I read this book over the holidays and couldn’t put it down. Mitchell was a firebrand not afraid to buck the system. He’s driven to do the right thing, but the world conspiracy that he stumbles into really challenges him.

I liked the book because of its fast pace and the surprises and twists it had to keep me turning pages. The characters are a small group of people from various backgrounds, trying to help Scott get to the bottom of the case and stay alive.

The ending was fully satisfying. This story is an excellent detective story that relates to today’s concerns about data theft and privacy and the dark side of abusing technology.


Great. I enjoyed having the time to read this book over the holidays. Scott Mitchell, a detective that had a habit of talking back to his superiors, gets demoted to working Family Services. He goes on a delinquent child support payment call and accidentally opens a Pandoras Box of danger and intrigue. The deadbeat dad is a brilliant software developer working for a company backed by a conspiracy of powerful politicians and government agencies to create an illegal national database.

I liked the book because it moved quickly and had several surprises and twists to keep you turning pages. The characters are a small group of people from various backgrounds, trying to help Scott get to the bottom of the case to stay alive.

John W.

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